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Oh, Jonny... [Sep. 24th, 2003|10:52 pm]
Katie Beth
someoddgirl: so how was your j.r.m. article?
someoddgirl: you never emailed it to me
AlwayzADork: oh seth was looking at your article again today and he was like, "it was a really good aritcle"
AlwayzADork: :-)
AlwayzADork: yeah, i got it down to 600 on the dot hehe
AlwayzADork: it took SO LONG
AlwayzADork: i got to add in another sentence today though, it was short haha
someoddgirl: aww!
someoddgirl: i love jrm
AlwayzADork: me too
someoddgirl: i could write like 600 pages on his lips
AlwayzADork: hahaha
someoddgirl: well not literally ON his lips...unless i wrote small
someoddgirl: ABOUT his lips
someoddgirl: ;-)
someoddgirl: i wouldn't mind writing on them though
someoddgirl: with my TONGUE
AlwayzADork: hahahahah